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Feb 5, 2019

This week I’m joined by my friend and fellow investor Isaac Sebbag. He used the proceeds of the sale of his flat in Manchester in 2016 to fund his 54 deal strong, development portfolio in New Jersey, USA. 

We discuss his investment strategy. Plus, we bust the myth that BTL is dead.

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I also answer the following question from within the Property Investment Mastery Facebook Group: Been trying to enter the BTL arena for a while, and my original plan was to purchase a low value property outright at auction in the south wales area (approx £40k). However, that would consume pretty much all of my savings, and so have turned my focus towards interest only mortgages on slightly higher value properties (1 bed flats circa £60k) to prevent tying up all of my funds in one place. 

Although this appears to be a commonly taken, sensible approach to dipping a toe in, I wanted to ask - aside from any get rich quick, investment pool type schemes, is there another approach that I'm missing?

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